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Do you want to pass your driving test in the fastest time possible ?
Then let Costa Driving School help You !
At my Driving school I offer the very best in driving lessons in Cheshunt, driving lessons Barnet and driving lessons Enfield,

Defensive Driving Lessons in Barnet

Once you have been taught the basics with our reputable Driving Lessons Barnet on how a car handles and how to properly control it, Costa driving instructor will teach you how to apply the skill of defensive driving to real-world situations. For example, when someone cuts in front of you on the carriageway, the usual human tendency is to get panic especially that you’ve just started your driving career and still inexperienced.  But instead of getting panicked and crash into the vehicle that cut you off, a driving course in a driving school teaches you how to avoid this dangerous driving situation. Costa driving school will also teach you how to maintain control of your car in case you need to manoeuvre past them.
Precise anticipation is the key to become a good defensive driver. You should develop a skill to precisely anticipate of what may or may not happen on the road ahead. Defensive driver knows well how to anticipate potential hazards such as careless pedestrians, unfavourable weather, other rogue motorists or equipment,  and take steps to minimise the risk. A good defensive driver doesn’t make any risky manoeuvres like trying to beat the red lights in the intersection.

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Observation isn't just about seeing what is in front of you but taking notice and reacting to it.
This ensures your safety, that of your passengers and other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.
Your brain focuses its attention on where your eyes move. You should be moving your eyes every 2 seconds. Move your eyes NOT your head! Especially some of Barnet test centre national speed routes.

Use your rear view mirror to know what vehicles are coming up fast behind you. Especially in busier roads in Hertfordshire like the A10, where your stopping distance is longer.
Side mirrors are not just for changing lanes, you should know if a car is likely to overtake you or enters your blind spot.

Rushing out of junctions may force other drivers to brake or adjust their position but do not hesitate either. Be aware, be confident!

Indicate your manoeuvre intentions to other drivers by correct use of your indicators.

Don't forget to keep your eyes on your dashboard too. Check your speed, gas level, temperature. Look out for engine warning signs as well.

Your driving instructor will be watching all of these and advising you on your driving lessons but during your driving test, your driving examiner will notice but not correct you - you'll be on your own, and this could mean a pass or fail on your driving test!
So, be prepared. Listen to what Costa instructor is telling you and ask him to explain if you are not clear on anything.